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“Corn Based Cat Litter

According to Forbes Advisor (a website that provides financial advice, news, and in-depth reviews), one in three U.S. households (37 million in all) have at least one “indoor” kitty-cat, with an average of 2.2 cats living in each cat-owning household. That’s nearly 82 million pet cats strutting about in people’s homes throughout the USA.

Oh, and in addition to all that very important trivial information:

Anyway, after initial costs, folks spend around $325.00 to $1,600.00 a year on feline companionship. The annual cost of cat ownership includes basic expenses like food, litter, toys and an annual visit to a vet.

Kitty-Litter is second only to the food cats eat among basic costs; averaging from $60.00 to $160.00 per year dependent upon the brand / type (clay based non clumping, clumping, biodegradable or not biodegradable) selected.


Here, you’ll learn how to reduce such high-end cost by up to 75% while utilizing a superior corn-based litter product!

Non-clumping clay litter is the most economical and costs as little as $0.30 a pound while traditional brands of clumping biodegradable, such as Corn Based litter ranges from $0.90 to more than $1.60 a pound.

The highly acclaimed biodegradable litter that boasts “World’s Best” as its trade name costs and average of $1.48 a pound nationwide. And if you’re wondering, World’s Best is manufactured and distributed by the Kent Corporation based in Muscatine, Iowa.  

But why is World’s Best cat litter so expensive?


Here’s Kent Corporation’s “spill”: “Many cat litters made from natural materials are more expensive than traditional clay litters, but that’s not the case with World’s Best Cat Litter. This brand is similarly priced to traditional litters, but you actually get more for your money due to the concentrated power of naturally absorbent corn materials.”

Yep, that is a valid statement, and if you’re okay with increasing profit margins when manufacturing costs are less, then you may think Kent Corporation’s pricing method is just fine too!

Case-in-point: Is it coincidental that Kent Corporation, also manufactures and distributes a very similar product for the chicken feed marketplace via the trade names Kent and Blue Seal?  One of the two brands can be purchased online with curbside pickup when purchased online at your local Tractor Supply store for a few pennies less than 50 Cents a pound.

Both Kent Corporation brands call their chicken feed product “Layer Crumbles” as do various other chicken feed producers  ranging from Purina’s Layena, to  DuMOR’s Layer Crumbles to Purina’s secondary brand, Producers Pride Layer Feed Crumbles.

Click the “Image Link” below to select a specific “Brand”

Layer Crumbles, regardless of Brand, used in the stead of World’s Best Cat Litter will result in a savings of as much as 75%!

Yeah, that’s right, as much as a 75% savings!

At most local Tractor Supply Stores, Producer’s Pride brand Chicken Crumble prices were 42 Cents a pound in 40 pound bags with curbside pickup available, when purchased online: as of 06-23-2024!


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